The Faley Games

Joseph Beaird, Staff Writer

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Each year in May, schools from all over Orange County meet at Cal State Fullerton for one of the largest charity events in Southern California: The Faley Games. This influential gathering gives children with special needs an opportunity to engage freely in various sports and arts and crafts.

The Jack and Kathleen Faley Memorial Games were founded on the principle of having grace and kindness towards all people. Because of the inspiration of a few Servite students, the Faley Games have had a massive impact on Orange County and the entire Servite community. There are very few events as charitable.

It is remarkable to see how much the Faley Games have grown.  Initially, it was held at Servite with only 90 participants and 90 volunteers; around 2,500 athletes and 5,000 volunteers participate in the Games today at Cal State Fullerton.

There are many activities for athletes to take part in. For example, kids who are looking to become the next Stephen Curry can shoot baskets at the basketball hoops. For those with an interest in football, they can practice their skills of being a quarterback by making some passes. Children who have an affinity for animals can visit a station with many friendly dogs to pet and love.

What makes the Faley games so important is that it recognizes the dignity of each human being, regardless if they are set apart by mental and physical disabilities. It allows the participants to freely pursue their passions without limitations. Because of the many friendly volunteers, they feel acceptance and love.

To participate in the Faley Games is to embody a friar. The four Formation Themes are put into play in each volunteer. Whether a student was assigned to pick up trash or assist an athlete, they put others needs before their own.

Primacy of Faith comes into play with whoever is a new volunteer to the event. Many freshmen are afraid and unsure of what to expect from the Games. When they put their trust in the Lord, they are allowed to feel the full joy of the event.

Centrality of Christ is involved in every single interaction made at the Faley Games. Each volunteer and athlete for the Games is sincerely interested in the needs of others. Through that connection, it allows Servite volunteers to see Christ in every single person.

Mastery of Self is necessary for every minute of the event. Servite students represent our school everywhere they go. In all of our actions and thoughts, we must consider, “Is this what Christ would do?”

Necessity of the Other is the ultimate bond of brotherhood that is formed at the Faley Games. Through working with participants in the Games and fellow Servite brothers, a relationship of love is created. Necessity of the Other allows us to realize how important we, the Servite students, are to the foundation of the event.

The Jack and Kathleen Faley Memorial Games have constantly been an uplifting source of compassion and care since its creation. Every single participant and volunteer experiences the love of God in many shapes and forms. Thanks to the Faley Games, we are Christ in our actions, and we see Christ in others.

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