Sports Authority Closing

Noah Scott, Staff Writer

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Sports Authority’s empire is slowly coming to a screeching halt. With over 400 of their stores closing around the country they will be shutting down permanently. The company filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy because they face over $1 Billion dollars in debt.

Initially the company chose to close roughly 150 stores, but that did not cover their debt. This was later followed by the closure of 47 Sports Chalet stores in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Some people are wondering why these stores are closing, but the market leader, Dick’s Sporting Goods, is purchasing approximately 180 of these closing stores. The distinct business strategy of Dick’s has saved their business.

Not only will Dick’s take most of the business, but Sports Authority will be losing its contract with Mile High Stadium in Denver. Many people would think having your name on a giant stadium would produce revenue; apparently it is the exact opposite.

The best time to get sports apparel on sale will be in the coming weeks. Look for your local Sports Authority to get great deals. Also, spend all of your leftover gift cards because soon you will only see Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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