SoCal: On the Road

John Synowsky, Staff Writer

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The weather is nicer, the temperature is higher, and everyone wants to go to the beach but what other places can you go to this summer. One of the best ways to see places you have never been is on a roadtrip with friends. As David Gallegos said,“ I wanna be one of those Baywatch lifeguards in Newport Beach.”

To start off the trip you will wanna start with one of the best places to get food in our backyard, the Anaheim Packing house. This is the perfect place to bring a group of friends because no one has to settle on what to get. Everyone can get whatever they want to as the amount of restaurants makes the list of things to order expansive. On the weekends there are live bands playing music. One of the overall favorite foods to get is the homemade ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.

Following this fantastic place to eat is a choice from a multitude of beaches. Depending on whether you just want it to be a really nice beach or one that is located close to a lot of restaurants. Downtown Laguna Beach is filled with small shops and restaurants with a beach that has basketball and volleyball courts. An iconic Ruby’s nearby sits on PCH and it’s seconds story gives an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean or if you want to fit in with the locals there is the Penguin Cafe. The little hole in the wall cafe also has an overlook of the ocean with a fully decorated penguin themed cafe. The food is great, cheap, and generous.

Maybe a bolder choice would be going to Santa Monica. One of the most recognizable Californian beach piers is the Santa Monica pier. With the iconic roller coaster and Ferris wheel, it’s easy to distinguish and hard to miss. The pier is filled with things to do and you are just outside of LA. If you bring bikes or skates, you can make sure to visit Muscle Beach and get a good workout in.

One of the interesting and exciting places to visit if you are in Santa Monica is the nearby Hollywood sign that you can hike to. Being one of the most iconic things of California, it is awesome to see in person and see in perspective how big it is. If hiking is not what you want, the Getty Villa museum is conveniently located nearby. You can take a step back into time by exploring the Roman architecture and amphitheatre, where they hold live performances.

If you need a place to spend the night, one of the best places to camp is Downey State Beach. The campsites are located just a few hundred feet away from the ocean. You can have the comfort of your bed right at the beach plus it you get one of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from the cove that the beach is located in.

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