Senior Reflections

Saul Betancourt, Staff Writer and Yearbook Editor

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After four years of football games, dances, and sport rallies, high school is coming to a close. For seniors, the end of high school can be a bittersweet time of the year. Some seniors are eager to start a new chapter of their lives while others are trying to treasure each moment of the last months they go through with their brothers.

However, no matter where a student stands on the emotion spectrum of leaving high school, he cannot deny that Servite has definitely impacted his life. When asked about his overall experience at Servite, Roberto Oquendo ‘16 responded, “The relationship[s] I’ve developed with my brothers is one I’m eternally grateful for.” It is no secret that Servite stresses brotherhood in every aspect of it’s community. For most seniors, the Servite Brotherhood is a unique thing they will not find anywhere else.

Servite is obviously a very challenging school academically and sometimes physically if a student plays a sport. To get through these challenges, students often depend on the guidance from teachers or coaches. Carlos Austin ‘16 says Mr. Angel has become a “role model and mentor” even though Austin has not had Mr. Angel as a teacher but merely as a faculty member he can depend on. Josh Kotani ‘16 speaks about Mrs. DiCrisi and says that “she cared about her students outside the classroom as well.” Kotani goes on to say that Mrs. DiCrisi “cares about our social and spiritual lives.” This is a prime example as to how the teachers at Servite are not just teachers but people who genuinely care about the students. It is safe to say that a huge reason as to why Servite is a special place is due to the faculty that fills the halls. The faculty may be one of the aspects about Servite seniors are going to miss the most.

As the oldest on campus, seniors can always offer advice for the younger guys, specifically the incoming seniors. Austin gives the incoming seniors a little academic advice and says, “Don’t wait until the last week of Senior year to turn in all your late work to turn your F into a C. It’s just not worth it.” Oquendo gave a little more general advice and says “Don’t give up because it isn’t over until it’s over!!”.

The seniors of Servite High School are leaving a very important chapter of their lives. But because of their experiences at Servite, they are all ready to tackle the real world and stare down any adversity that crosses their path. The graduating young men came in as good freshman but are now leaving as great seniors.

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