Dropping Beats in the Big Apple

Tim Hepps, Staff Writer

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The Servite Select Choir has really grown under the direction of choir director Renee Cahill. Recently, they were able to take a trip to New York City. This journey started on April 22nd with a flight from LAX to JFK, a five hour flight that started at 4 in the morning!

When they eventually reached the hotel, they got a quick dinner near Grand Central Station, then headed to see the beautiful night lights of Times Square, followed by a well deserved rest in bed.  

The following morning, the choir had its first rehearsal with fellow high school choirs from all across the nation.  Following this, they took a quick trip to Central Park.  Nicholas Ramirez ’16 said that “Times Squares and Central park felt completely surreal. Looking up at the huge screens with no flaws or malfunctions lighting up the street, it was hard to believe it was tangible.” Finally that evening, the choir got to witness a magnificent performance of the 1986 hit musical Phantom of Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  

The next morning was a somber and sobering one for students as they visited the 9/11 memorial and museum.  They were all collectively in awe as they witnessed the craters that were once the iconic Twin Towers. They listened to the survivors accounts, learned the lives of the countless victims, and even saw the such items as the famous metal cross of ground zero, two metal beams they merged to form a cross.

Chad Hassett ‘16 reported his personal feelings of the experience. “Any good citizen of the USA is knowledgeable about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but given that I am from the west coast and was only two at the time of the attacks, my understanding of that life-changing day had never been so intimate. Being at the 9/11 Museum made that day real to me, and sent me home with a heightened appreciation of those who risk their lives every day to serve our country.

 The day of the performance arrived and the students had one last quick rehearsal. stepped into the legendary Carnegie Hall and performing their very best.  Mrs. Renee Cahill, Servite’s choir teacher, said, “The only word to describe being inside Carnegie Hall and watching our choir perform would be – Magnificent! What an awesome sound they had as they joined other voices from across our country!.  

Finally, after a long trip, the choir was finally able to return home on April 26th.  Mrs. Cahill had this to say: “I was exhausted, but filled with amazing memories that will last a lifetime. The men of Servite made us all proud as they performed on one of the most prestigious stages in the world.” It was truly a great experience.

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