Joseph Sturtz, Editor-in-Chief

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It’s that time of the year again: The sun shines brightly, the rain pours spottily, and the seniors lose interest in school. A common occurrence within every high school, Senioritis hits even the best of us. After three-and-a-half years of doing just about the same thing every day, it is understandable to feel worn out. Athletics, extracurriculars, and social activities can get in the way of performing well academically, and these conditions are the same for everybody. However, take it from a professional slacker- it’s not worth it.

There are only four months remaining in the school year, and after making it through approximately 32 months already, why stop now? The temptation to skip assignments, not go to some classes, or not study is strong, but it is important to remember that with every missed assignment there is the consequence of a dropping grade. Many seniors aspire to just barely make it out of high school and finally get to college, but this could be a problem in and of itself. There is a common misconception that colleges do not look at or care about grades during senior year, but in fact many colleges factor senior year into overall GPA, so that D could effectively lead a college to revoke that hard-earned scholarship or even acceptance as a whole.

It is good to establish a good work ethic while still in high school, because actually trying to get through college with the same attitude of “just making it” will not be enough. Attempting to balance social, athletic, and academic workloads is difficult now, but the amount of effort needed in the future could very well double from what it currently is. There is just one last thing to keep in mind throughout these next few months- this is the final stretch. Let God guide you through the coming months so that you have the ability to get through it, then continue going forward into a new world of both struggle and opportunity.

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