The Great Drought

Chase Bowen, Staff Writer

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It seems hard to believe that the Golden state of California could have any problems at all. Although this beautiful land on the coast does have a few issues, it seems strange that lack of water would be one of the biggest. All we have to do is collect the water from the plentiful Pacific ocean and all our problems are solved, right? As it turns out, finding a solution to California’s drought may be more difficult than it appears.

In January of 2014 the governor of California, Jerry Brown, declared a drought state of emergency. Since this was declared three years ago, over 24 million people have been affected. This long lasting shortage of water has done some terrible damage to many areas around the state. In response, the governor has since put new mandatory regulations on the use of water throughout cities.

These regulations impact all of California’s residents, but some feel that they are probably the state’s best option to getting back on track. Noah Bukaty ‘17 spoke about his thoughts on such regulations.“I think if these regulations are enforced correctly and done without interfering with our everyday lives, they can positively benefit us at the end of the day.”

When it comes to the topic of our recent drought, there hasn’t been much talk around the subject, at least in recent months. This could be for a number of reason: information not getting shared, or simply that news networks not covering the drought in an in-depth manner. This could also be in response to colder temperatures this winter that have allowed snow to fall, ensuring snow melt water will be available. Furthermore, n the past two months California has received more rainfall than the last two years combined.

Bukaty, although thankful for the rain, is still unsure about the future.“With all the rain recently, I imagine it’s been helping a lot with the drought,” he says. “I can’t help but wonder when this whole thing will go away.”

With the early months of 2016 being recorded as the third-warmest California has ever seen, we can only hope that these new methods of water conservation put into place, coupled with the improving weather conditions of the past winter, will allow us to rise above this drought and get back on track and look ahead to a brighter, greener future.

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