29 Years + All-Boys Schools = New Math Teacher

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29 Years + All-Boys Schools = New Math Teacher

Joseph Beaird, Staff Writer

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Servite welcomes its new math teacher, Mr. Bill Stein. For 29 years, Mr. Stein has been teaching math at all-boys Catholic high schools in Los Angeles County – first at Don Bosco Tech and more recently at St. John Bosco in nearby Bellflower. When an opportunity to teach Algebra I and II appeared at Servite, he was inspired to join our esteemed faculty.

“Servite was a natural choice,” Stein said. “I was impressed with the academics, the formation program, and support services that Servite offers. I already knew some of the Servite faculty members. After I had met some of the administration, I knew I wanted to teach here.” Servite is lucky to have such a seasoned teacher as Mr. Stein. He is excited to teach new students and make new friends and already received a welcome reception from the Friar community.

Mr. Stein grew up in Long Beach, the youngest of eight children. He currently lives in Lakewood, and he is married with three children. He attended USC and graduated with an MBA.

His past experience includes working for one of the founders of “voodoo economics”, Art Laffer, an adviser to president Ronald Reagan. Mr. Stein stated, “Right after college I worked for Art Laffer, who was one of the architects of Supply-Side Economics…Supply-Side Economics was referred to as ‘Reaganomics’ or ‘voodoo economics.”

Mr. Stein did not always know he wanted to be a teacher. He began teaching when a friend needed help teaching an accounting class. “I really enjoyed working with students and teaching became a vocation for me,” he said.

Each day, Mr. Stein is motivated by students. The fact that he can impact students’ lives through teaching lets him know that he is blessed to be a teacher. He also feels honored that they influence his life as well. He is inspired by his faith and family.

Mr. Stein’s goals as a teacher are to stretch students to the best of their ability. His favorite moments are when students help other students with math. According to Mr. Stein, success as a teacher means his students “are helping each other and gaining a deeper understanding at the same time.”

All too often, students ask themselves why math is important and how it will help their future success. Students may not always recognize its importance, yet it is vital to many aspects of life.  Mr. Stein offered a quotation from Carl Friedrich Gauss: “Mathematics is the queen of the sciences” and explained that “without mathematics, there is no exact science, no business, no progress.”

Despite some students not enjoying or understanding the importance of math, Mr. Stein looks at mathematics with a different perspective. He appreciates finding challenges in math. “I think of problems as puzzles where you have to look for the clues to solve them. The more a pupil understands mathematics, the more fun it is.”

Servite is blessed to have the expertise of Mr. Stein. Thanks to Mr. Stein, our academic program may grow stronger from his experience in mathematics.We can count on him for help to solve all of our “problems!”

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