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St. Louis, Here They Come!

St. Louis, Here They Come!

Nicholas Gee, Staff Writer/Yearbook Editor

April 20, 2015

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Team 3309, The Friarbots, spent six weeks building a robot to meet the requirements of this year’s game, Recycle Rush. The purpose of the game is to stack totes, recycle bins, and put pool noodles in the recycle bins to score points. The alliance with the most points wins. Each of the teams is randomly...

Team 3309’s Robotics House

Team 3309’s Robotics House

Nick Gee, Staff Writer

February 20, 2015

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Located in the back corner of the Servite campus behind Ms. Berardino’s art studio (Room 703), exists a house designed for and used by Team 3309. Servite’s Robotics Team was founded 6 years ago under the leadership of Dr. Martin Carr. The team started out as a club when Dr. Carr’s son, David (Class...

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