Best Surfing Spots in SoCal

Mason Reese and Justin Nodarse

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There are many great surfing spots in Southern California, however, there are a few that do stand out. For instance, according to Mason Reece, class of 2021 “T-Street beach in San Clemente is so sick because it always has the biggest waves and has many restaurants nearby such has In-N-Out, Islands, and Chick-Fil-A.” Mason Reece is a very experienced surfer who has been surfing since he was 6 years old. Another great surfing spot in Southern California is Doheny State Beach. Doheny State Beach is a protected beach in the state park system of California, located on the Pacific Ocean in the city of Dana Point. The beach is a popular surf spot located at the mouth of San Juan Creek, which flows from the Santa Ana Mountains southwest to the beach, where it forms a fresh-water lagoon. It is a very popular spot amongst very skilled surfers who want a hardcore challenge. The waves there can reach 12 feet and 15 feet. “Its freakin’ crazy bro, once I was there and I was shredding then all of a sudden a huge wave just hits me from the back and I go flying into a rock” (Mason Reece 2021 Servite HS).  

If you are a more inexperienced surfer, your best bet is to go to Swamis State Beach. Swami’s is an area in San Diego County that contains Swami’s Beach and other local attractions. The beach, also known as “Swami’s Reef'” and “Swamis”, is an internationally known surfing spot, a point break located in Encinitas, San Diego County, California. This spot has very little waves reaching 5-6 feet. It is also a good place for the family because it is filled with tons of food options, attractions, and surfing lessons by trained professionals. According to Mason Reece. “I remember going there as a kid with my family every Sunday. It was amazing and its also where I learned all of my skills.” The location of Swami’s is also very different since it is far. You might want to plan ahead and make sure you bring lots of sunscreens because temperatures during the summer reach in low 90’s and high 80’s.

Jonathan Caico, class of 2020,  is a very skilled surfer and has been surfing since he was 7 years old. “I remember when I was a kid and I began to learn how to surf I was always pretty good most of the time.” After interviewing Caico he listed his top 3 surfing spots in Southern California; 1. Steamer Lane 2. Huntington Beach 3. Mavericks Beach. “Ya man these spots are for the most skilled surfers out there who are looking for a challenge” (“Caico”).  Overall there are many great surfing spots across Southern CA but these three are by far the standout spots because of there location, waves, and skill type.


So get out there and catch some waves!

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