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Pep Rally

Marina Burge

Pep Rally

Charles Carter, The 411

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The Servite vs. Mater Dei pep rally! Even though the pep rallies have been getting calmer and students have been showing more self-restraint over the years, the pep rally this last Wednesday had quite the turn. It started with an introduction from Richard Krebs, our 2018-2019 Priory General, welcoming everyone and Father Joseph who led prayer.

It was all warm welcomes and cheers until the football team arrived. Not only did the ambiance change, but so did the mindset of many. Cade Fuller, starting safety, and the rest of the Senior Football players got the stands up and out of

their seats. With the hype came a speech, a speech that was given years ago by the Troy Nicholas; “Do you know what we do when we get hyped?! We take off shirts!!!”. A shocked look came from the crowd with chants, as all the Senior Football members took off their shirts. In response, a few members from the Junior section took their shirts off and started throwing them around, with only one other Senior class member following.

Marina Burge
Pep Rally

Although today’s society is far different than what it was 5-10 years ago, we are not called to conform to

society, but to lead it and shape it. However, there were negative responses from some of the faculty members (who will remain anonymous). In an exclusive interview with yours truly, Dean Martin and Mr. Fajardo, it had been brought to my attention that we (students) might have thought it was funny, but “we need to think and further understand the consequences of our actions”. I was also informed by Mr. Martin of “how it is unfair to the female staff members for us to undress in front of them”. Right or wrong Mr. Martin and Mr. Fajardo brought some excellent points up in our meeting. A meeting by both parties has yet to be set up for an apology.

In related news Matthew Kuehl, first in line for Priory General if Richard fails to do his duties, brought us a junk car for smashing in celebration of the Servite versus Mater Dei football game on Friday 28, 2018. Thank you and a huge shout out to you brother.

XOXO Charles Carter

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