Bathroom Basics

Max Heil

Gabriel Rojas, Dev Srivastav, and Maxwell Heil

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Servite bathrooms are not in the best condition, to say the least. Day after day more trash, vandalism, and other waste cover the bathroom walls and ground. Many students would rather wait until they get home to use the restroom rather than using the ones at school. The more students do not care about the treatment of the bathroom, the worse the conditions get. Even when one of the bathrooms was redone the bad conditions returned due to the poor treatment of them. Redoing the bathrooms would be the most preferable idea for the students, but in order to do that, we have to ensure that we will keep it clean or there will be no point in redoing the bathrooms. The question for some people may be how do we keep it clean? The answer is quite simple, treat the bathrooms as you would your own. This refers to not peeing on the toilet seat, making sure your toilet paper goes into the toilet, and not writing on the walls. If we, the students, put in the effort to keep the bathrooms clean it will not be for nothing because we will be able to go into the bathrooms not disgusted by what we have done ourselves.

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