Trick or Treat?

Joseph Beaird, Staff Writer

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Trick-or-treating is one of America’s fondest annual pastimes. It has been around ever since the 1920s, yet many people see it as a childish activity. High schoolers are too cool, right? Partially.

It seems much more common for lower classmen to go trick-or-treating than the upperclassmen. Sophomores are already planning what costume they’re going will be wearing. Freshmen are looking for the best candy routes. That may be an exaggeration, but it is definitely more appealing for seniors and juniors to just stay at home, on Twitter, watching TV.

No one seems to scrutinize the act of trick-or-treating. Everyone just quits dressing up and collecting candy after middle school. Many students still think that it would be embarrassing for people their age to take part. Senior Morgan Schavone said, “Trick or treating is an activity for adolescents and I can take part in Halloween by passing out candy or walking with my siblings.”

Countless students already have many bad memories about Halloween. Whether getting scared, followed by someone, or getting laughed at by friends, bad memories of Trick-or-Treating  still haunts them to this day. Perhaps the fear of being embarrassed once again is just too much for some friars to go trick-or-Treating again.

Many people have also said that it has just lost their interest. Seniors and juniors are not the only ones who look down on trick-or-Treating as being uninteresting. Sophomore Eamon Morris commented, “I would rather just sit at home and eat food. I can buy candy for myself  if I want.”

However there are many people who still adore trick-or-Treating. There are countless things that drive people away, so what could still entice someone’s interest? “Candy. ‘Nuff said,” answered sophomore Andrew Jimenez.

Many Friars have said that they still trick-or-treat. Despite the idea that it is embarrassing for teenagers to ask for candy, many still do. Junior John Synowsky elaborated, “It’s all about going out with friends and having a good time; doing something that you aren’t supposed to do.”

With the general consensus being that it’s childish for high schoolers to trick or treat, what is the reason for people to still go? It is quite simple. Free candy and socialization. Trick-or-treating is just another way for brotherhood to shine through community. It is a great way to grow closer to your Servite brothers and make memories that will last for a lifetime.

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