Servite Students Report Homework Trends

Joseph Beaird, Staff Writer

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Homework – the dreaded monster that students must tend to every night. It is easily to assume that students despise homework. However, a recent survey found that at Servite, students may dislike homework, but they understand its importance to their education.

Many students see themselves using skills they learn every night as a means to help them gain and improve upon their knowledge. Students are able to balance homework easier depending on the amount given each night. Out of 318 students, 45% reported that they have two to three hours of homework a night, yet only 11.3% of the students surveyed said that had up to four hours of homework a night. The amount given can tamper with a Friar’s ability to juggle a social life, extracurricular activities, and sleep.

A whopping 56.9% of the students surveyed agreed that, when it comes to hours of homework, mathematics takes the cake. The class with the second highest homework load is English, with 12.9% of the survey’s votes.

Extracurricular activities are definitely the biggest obstacle for students. 26.4% of the students neither agreed nor disagreed that they could finish homework with ease alongside after-school activities. The majority of students said that homework is hard to complete with sports and clubs, with 43.4% of the votes. 31.1% of the students said that they were able to complete their assignments with ease.

From the results, it is evident the Servite Friars can see the importance of homework in order for them to succeed. It is a excellent way to reinforce the information that was taught. 58.2% of students surveyed believe homework is essential to their success, while only 13.9% said that it was unnecessary.

Servite High School challenges its students to be men of greatness. Therefore, we would naturally have more homework than other schools. A measly 5.7% of the Friars said that we have less than other schools, and 18.2% said that we have about the same amount of assignments compared to their friends. 76.1% of the survey said that they have much more, or more homework than their friends of other schools. But is it too much?

The Spokesman received many interesting comments about the homework given. According to Vincent Sarino, “Balancing the time spent doing homework and the time devoted to extracurricular activities can be very challenging at times. If teachers would realize that students have priorities outside school, then the world would be a better place.” Peter Palencia added, “The workload at Servite High School is acceptable as long as I don’t procrastinate. Additionally, the workload may sometimes seem like a nightmare, but in the long run it allows me to achieve high grades.” According to Peter and many other students, the homework given can be quite intimidating to a certain extent.

Many of our Friars also gave suggestions to make homework and school in general more manageable. Numerous people commented about having block every day. Mason Mitzer summarized it best: “More block days during a week would be beneficial for both teachers and students as it allows more teaching time and widens the time students have to complete homework and study. Most students that push themselves in the classroom and out struggle with getting six hours of sleep and staying on top of academics.”

Overall, regardless of how much you may be dreading that pile of homework waiting for you, many Friars agree that it only makes them stronger.

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