The Spokesman

Joseph Beaird
Joseph Beaird is a senior who is enjoying his third year in Journalism and writing for the newspaper. He is the Bonajuncta Prior and enjoys being an active part of Priory and student leadership. Joseph is an active member of CSF; he strives to improve his fellow Servite brothers through tutoring. Being the passionate writer that he is, Joseph seeks to gain an even stronger writing prowess through his experience in the newspaper. He dreams of majoring in Journalism in college and traveling across the country. Outside of school, he loves spending time growing closer to Christ through his Youth Ministry group at San Antonio de Padua Church. Teaching confirmation and attending SALT meetings every week, Joseph values his faith dearly. When Joseph isn’t working on the newspaper or at a Youth Ministry event, you can find him at home playing video games with friends, being excessively competitive.

Joseph Beaird, Communications Editor

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