Soccer ballin’

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Soccer ballin’

Brandon Tejeras, Outreach Editor

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n case you haven’t heard, Servite soccer performed extraordinarily well this season. A combination of excellent coaching staff and students who put in 100% of their effort has made the 2017-2018 soccer season one for the record books.

Clinching their 5th Trinity League title, Servite soccer continues to widen the gap between their wins and losses. The soccer team is proving themselves to be a standout program among other Trinity League schools and many other schools in the Southern California region. This year’s soccer team remained determined and formidable in the face of adversity, even when going up against tough teams like Mater Dei and St. John Bosco. This success can be attributed to great coaching by Coach Spencer.

“I have absolutely enjoyed my time as a head coach here at Servite” said Coach Spencer, reflecting on his time as head coach.  He attributes their success to the fabulous group of young men who are fully committed to becoming faith-filled leaders, on and off the field. He went on to describe his hopes for his players to learn what it means to be a leader. “I also pray they will put Christ first in their lives,” said Spencer. After all, this is what all students should be trying to take away from their four years. Coach Spencer is doing his part in making the fulfillment of the Servite formation themes a reality.

When asked what his most memorable moment as a coach has been, Spencer had an interesting answer. “I think my proudest moment is seeing this group grow through the positive and negative times.” Corbin Mercado, a senior and commit to LMU also reflected on his most memorable time at Servite. He noted how his favorite moment was winning CIF in freshman year because he “learned a lot that year. It was amazing to see how all the hard work paid off.”

While recalling how his seniors have witnessed and participated in four of the 5 Trinity League wins was one of the memorable moments for Mercado, seeing his teammates stick together through tough times as a cohesive unit and living the Servite formation themes was important to Mercado. Mercado went on to explain how it’s all about that team sports mentality. “You need all 11 players and the subs to complete the goals you set ahead of the season” Mercado added.

Coach Spencer knows full well of his team’s many successes on the field over the past five years, and he said that two of the formation themes are the reasons why. “As a group, we have focused a lot on mastery of self and necessity of the other. I am proud of these guys for trusting each other and being the best team we can be,” said Spencer. Corbin added to this by saying that underclassmen can build on their success by sticking to the game plan. “Play how you are able to play and keep it simple.”

Both Coach Spencer and Corbin Mercado said they were blessed to have the team and coaching staff they have. According to Spencer, “They are always giving their best every day.” Surely the soccer team would be radically different if it were not for the work of Coach Spencer and enthusiastic players like Corbin Mercado. The undeniable success of Servite’s soccer team is evident in their 5th Trinity League title, but there is much more growth that these students and Coach Spencer can achieve in the years ahead.

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