Basket ballin’

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Basket ballin’

Joseph Beaird, Communications Editor

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Servite’s Varsity Basketball team had one of the toughest seasons in recent history facing the giants of the Trinity League, but the collective effort of the team made each game memorable. Outside of the league play, Servite broke many records and had a remarkable season.

The players’ passion and fire sets them apart from all others. Before getting on the court, the players prepare for the game like they’re going into battle. The coaches brief the team about the opponent they are about to face. “They gave us a scouting report and broke it down for us,” said Noah Corral ‘18. “We knew their scores their rebounders, their left-handed guys – we knew it all because of our coaching staff.”

This season, Servite has a scrappy playstyle that was wildly entertaining to watch. Regardless of who we played, there was never a dull moment in our basketball season.

The drive of the team can largely be credited to their friendships off the court. All nine seniors on the team remain good friends outside of games and practices. Their success as a team stems from their ability to raise each other to the highest standard. The brotherhood shines through the motivation and loves each player has for the game. Corral described their great relationship as a team. “I had all my teammates’ backs and they had mine. We are a family.”

The unity comes not only from their friendship but from activities outside of school. The Yorba Linda Challenger League has been a vessel for the basketball team to contribute love through service. At the Challenger League games, students play basketball with kids and players with special needs. “[Volunteering] has been a very fun and great experience,” said Jacob Diaz ‘18. “It’s a way to give back to the community and help others play the game of basketball and have fun while doing it.”

Many of the kids participating in the Challenger League love the sport and their fellow Friars so much that often they attend Servite’s game in support of their buddies. Playing a sport is one thing; sharing that sport with others is truly beautiful.

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