A Sneak Peek Inside the Wrestling Program

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A Sneak Peek Inside the Wrestling Program

Eamon Morris, Managing Editor

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It’s a brutal sport, and one of the oldest. For millennia, competitors have been grappling together to force a victory. It takes skill, strategy, and an unusual aptitude for combat.

Coach Alan Clinton has been with the wrestling team for a whopping eleven years, consistently working to better the skills of both Team 1 and Team 2. Despite all that he has seen, Clinton finds it difficult to focus on one moment that he was especially proud of the team. “I am proud of my team every day,” said Clinton.

As an observer and direct participator, Clinton is able to see the team through a unique lens. According to Clinton, the team is very close. “When you train, sweat, bleed, and travel together it is hard to be anything but a brother,” said Clinton.

Coach Tony Okada hasn’t been here as long as Clinton – five years to his eleven – but he still has a great sense of how close the team is. “We’re all really close and do activities like going to the beach and laser tag,” said Okada. While he’s proud of the team, Okada can’t name a moment where his pride has exceeded its bounds. He’s confident enough in the future of his team that he believes that moment is yet to come.

Troy Madrigal, Servite Senior and wrestling team captain, gives a different perspective on the inner-workings of the team. He describes their pre-match dynamic as fairly relaxed. “We’re mostly just joking around because having fun is the most important part of wrestling,” said Madrigal. “But for dual meets, most of the guys get pumped by listening to music with their headphones to stay in the zone for a match.”

It’s fairly easy to see just how relaxed the wrestling team is. They’re always smiling and more than willing to offer advice to anyone who will listen. “We’re just a bunch of goofy guys who have many things in common and enjoy each others company,” said Madrigal.

In regards to the overall dynamic of the wrestling team, Madrigal sums it up simply. “We’re a family.”

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