A Culture of Health

An inside look at the many programs Servite offers to improve the lives of their students

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A Culture of Health

Brandon Tejeras, Outreach Editor

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The physical aspect of molding Servite students has always been central to the success of Servite’s formation and life preparation program, and this aspect is being grown and expanded upon through the work of teachers like Mrs. Ochoa, Coach Gilbert, and others.


Health is undoubtedly essential to the appropriate development of Servite students, and Mrs. Ochoa continues to expand the information available to her students. By exploring healthy living habits and making them enjoyable to learn, Mrs. Ochoa and her class continue to hone their best habits relating to their health going into the remainder of their Servite years. The health teacher remarked how learning about healthy habits is “a necessity for the rest of your life.” She’s right. The majority of students are all too familiar with the pain that comes a night of binging on popcorn and chocolate. While it is only a semester-long class, there is one piece of information she thinks her students should take away from her class. “It would definitely be making healthy choices. We are so bombarded with junk food and bad habits that I hope my students learn how to make the best decision for them.”


Sports Medicine is equally essential to the development of Servite students as a whole person. The goal of this class is to train students in treating and preventing injuries related to sports. Such training involves learning how to wrap bandages around sprained ankles and physical injuries. Students are learning about the parts of the body that are prone to injury such as the foot. While they are learning about this, Mrs. Ochoa still thinks that “CPR is a favorite among my students for sure. They really enjoy the fact it is interactive and engaging.” Although they enjoy that criteria the most, she hopes that her students learn how to assess and treat injuries.


Coach Gilbert is a Servite Baseball coach that endeavors to lead his freshman students to better health in their PE class. Daily lifting to some of his students gets boring after awhile. Breaking up the routine by shooting hoops every now and then is one way in which he tries to develop “exercise as a lifelong hobby.” He also hopes to develop “proper techniques of strength training to keep from injury and take away some changes in strength.” Whether you enjoy PE or not, there is no denying the transformative effect of exercise and strength building. It is essential to accomplishing Servite’s Mastery of Self mantra, and Coach Gilbert and his colleagues continue to show an ideal class.


Health, Sports Medicine, and PE are all ingrained in the life at Servite. If you are lucky enough to get one or all of these classes, there is a good chance you will find out something new about your body. Learning how a certain body part responds to injury, how much you can lift, and healthy eating habits are among ways that the leaders of these programs consistently try to improve the lives of their students.  

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