Water Polo: A season in review

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Water Polo: A season in review

Eamon Morris, Managing Editor

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It’s easy to tell who they are in the halls. They’re deeply tanned, and usually on the tall side. They’ve always got smiles on their faces and their hair is characteristically messy. But these guys aren’t mad scientists. They’re water polo players. And they’re always up for a challenge. This season, Servite’s Water Polo team did great, with Varsity finishing with a 20-10 record and heading to the CIF playoffs. The Junior Varsity team also did well, and Coach Coffman remarks “They finished the season as a completely different team from where they started.”

Coffman is a veteran of the sport, having played at Clovis high school and at UC Irvine. As a coach, the experience is very different, but Coffman takes it in stride. His biggest challenge is “teaching the eggbeater kick.” Coffman has no issues with the dynamic of the team, and chose to simply state “I love my guys.”

Jon Lien is a senior varsity Water Polo player. Like Coffman, he is very pleased with how the season went. As for how specific games went, Lien described the most difficult one. “The hardest game this season in my opinion was…in the quarterfinals against Woodbridge. We won in double overtime…We had to play our best every second of the game.”

Lien isn’t the only Water Polo player who looks on the Woodbridge game as the most intense. Christopher Canlas, another senior varsity water polo player, also recalled the game as particularly challenging. Canlas, like Lien, is extremely happy with his experience on the Servite time. For him, the best thing about Water Polo is the team aspect. “Hanging out with the team after a win was the best,” said Canlas.

Lien and Canlas tackle the stereotypes about water polo players by affirming that most of them are actually correct. “They all smell like chlorine,” said Canlas. Lien went with a more athletics-oriented confirmation with his remark that “A stereotype that is correct of water polo players is that beach activities such as surfing, bodysurfing, and boogie boarding come very natural to us.”

For the Servite Water Polo team, the pool isn’t just a pretty part of campus. It’s where they put sweat, blood, and hard work into improving their skills. It’s where they have some of their greatest victories and their most tremendous losses. For the Water Polo team, the pool is a home for their chlorine-smelling family.

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