Super Bowl LI

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Super Bowl LI

Deac Douty, Staff Writer

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History was made in Super Bowl LI as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. After the coin toss was made by Servite’s own Matt Slater ‘03, the Patriots quickly fell behind to the motivated Falcons as Matt Ryan marched down the field two times and took a 14-0 lead. The more experienced Patriots were stunned and needed to find a way to get their offense rolling.

Following Atlanta’s second touchdown, the Patriots stormed down the field and got into field goal range. Just as things were looking up for the Patriots, Tom Brady forced a pass to an inside slant which resulted in an interception that the Falcons took back all the way to score their third touchdown of the game. The game was looking hopeless for the Patriot fans.

America’s favorite football player Tom Brady finally sparked the fire as he cruised his way down the field and into the red zone.  The Patriots couldn’t find their way into the endzone, but they settled for a field goal. Finally, the New Englanders finally had some hope; they were on the board. Could Brady pull off the biggest Super Bowl comeback ever?

Then the fire started. A forced fumble led to another Patriots possession but finally resulted in the Patriots first touchdown of the game. New England kept coming up with big stops as they contained the NFL’s best offense with star Julio Jones.

Tom Brady proceeded to lead the comeback as he marched down the field possession after possession.  The Patriots made multiple two-point conversions to keep them in the game, including taking the game into overtime. Matt Slater ‘03 won the crucial toss to give the Patriots the first possession, which, under new NFL rules, would end up ensuring a Patriot victory

Tom Brady and the New England patriots captured their fifth Super Bowl Championship and for himself, Brady received his fourth MVP honorific.

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