Durant to the Warriors

Deac Douty, Staff Writer

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The best regular-season team just got a whole lot better. The Golden State Warriors were arguably the greatest basketball team in history last year despite losing in the NBA Championships to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fueled with regrets, Steph Curry and the Warriors made enormous steps in the off season by signing one of the greatest players in the league, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant.

Durant faced free agency in the offseason and, as anyone would guess, every team in the league was after him. Ultimately, the six foot nine inches, forward decided to join the winningest team in the NBA. Kevin Durant’s decision to head out west to the bay area was, to say the least, unaccepted by the basketball fans around the world. The prior Thunder star was seen as a traitor and worst of all, a coward.

Kevin Durant’s ability to score the ball set apart from other players in the league. The 2014 MVP averaged about twenty-eight points last season but couldn’t find a way to excel in the playoffs. The so called “Tarantula” averaged twenty-seven point four points per game in his career. Most players in the NBA are lucky to average that amount of points in a single season once in their career. Factually, only fifty-one players have ever averaged twenty-seven points in a season.  Durant has done it six times, only trailing Michael Jordan (11x), Oscar Robertson (8x), Kobe Bryant (7x), and Wilt Chamberlain (7x). He is the third highest career scoring average in NBA history behind Jordan and Chamberlain.

Even without Durant, the Warriors had the best offense in the NBA last season averaging about 115 points a game and now, they are adding one of the league’s best scorers to the team. The new Warrior forward will be earning fifty-four million dollars for two years of play. Durant’s contract makes him the highest paid Warrior followed by Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steph Curry.

When asked about Durant’s decision to sign with the Warriors, soccer player Chase Bowen ’17 said, “I think it was a great move for the franchise and Durant because the team will be very strong and hopefully not blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Championships.” When asked the same question, sophomore Andrew Glaudini ’19 strongly declared, “he (Durant) is basically admitting that he (Durant) can’t win a championship with the Thunder…it was cowardly of him to abandon his city and team.”

Superstar Kevin Durant and his decision to join the Golden State Warriors was one of the biggest moves in NBA history. Although his decision is still debated about, in regards to loyalty, no one can deny that the fact that the Warriors are going to be better off than any other team in NBA. The championship trophy is definitely favored to be in the Warriors’ hands at the end of the playoffs.

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