Servite Hockey Skating Towards Success

Joseph Beaird, Editor-in-Chief

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It’s fall sports season, which means everyone’s favorite Servite Hockey team is ready to get out on the ice. Recently the hockey team has been growing in popularity. However, around three years ago people may have been completely unaware that Servite had a hockey team. Some seniors may have been completely unaware that it was a sport offered during their freshman year.

Their record has grown tremendously. Last year, hockey was off to a bad start with a 4 game losing streak. This year, the team has changed that reputation. As of right now, Servite Hockey remains undefeated with an impressive 8 wins.

Although our team is doing well, support could be better. The Servite community is always quick to attend football and basketball games, yet hockey amongst other sports is relatively unsupported. The student body’s presence remains unnoticed at their games. People miss out on just how exciting their games are.

A factor to low attendance could be the fact that no one knows where they play. Assistant Coach and Spanish teacher Mr. Matthew Northgrave offered to fix that. “On Saturdays we play anytime from 10am to 8pm, mostly at Anaheim Ice but we also play at Lakewood Ice,” Northgrave said. “We also practice on Mondays and Wednesdays and KHS Ice Arena where it is open for any spectators.” Now there’s no excuses. Get out there Servite!

The success of the hockey team this year is nothing but unique. Northgrave gave his mind what he believed to be the reason. “A big difference between last year and this year is that they have a greater desire to improve their game and to be better. Last year kids were lazy. The difference is clear. We still have a long way to go.” Started off slow, the hockey team has made significant progress in raising their skill level.

It isn’t just the words of the coaches that prove the bond of the team. Luc Cross ‘17 commented on why he loves playing for Servite Hockey. “ I love that on our team every person is given the opportunity to play. We have a wide range of skills and whether you’ve never played or have been playing your whole life you get the opportunity to represent your school while playing the best sport in the world.”

Nic Rutowski ‘17 goes on to mention the unique distinction of our hockey team. “Servite’s program is different than other schools in the way that we may not have the best players, but as a team we can play better than anybody in the league.” The bond the players have with each other builds each member up and leads the team to success as a whole.

Northgrave explains how these power players not only benefit the team’s morale, but also how they affect their skill in the rink. When asked about Cross, he speaks of his versatility. “Luc has got a point in every game, thanks to his high energy on the ice. He works well on whatever line he works on.” Speaking about Rutowski, Northgrave has nothing but positivity to speak of. “Nic has such natural talent for the game. Although he is a forward, he plays defense; he is our equivalent of a point guard.”

Servite Hockey has incredible potential for  this year. With talent all across the board, their team seems unstoppable. However, this is not only credited to their skill. Northgrave makes the winning factor aware by explaining the team’s relationship with each other. “We have such a mixture of talent- such different levels hockey-wise. It’s interesting; some people step up where others can’t. They aren’t necessary the best team talent wise. It meshes well when they play, it works fantastically.”

Because of the strong bond that each of the players have with each other, the team goes into each game with incredible positivity. Each player has a strong desire to win, great communication, and high energy. Our hockey program exemplifies good sportsmanship and near invincible presence in a match.

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