Servite Hockey: A Gentleman’s Sport

Joseph Sturtz, Editor-in-Chief

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As the fall athletic season continues, everybody is excited to see their favorite sport succeed in their prospective leagues. While those who are unfamiliar with hockey may not understand the intricacies of the sport such as deking or toe-dragging, this does not mean that hockey is a difficult sport to begin watching. In fact, there has not been a better time to begin watching the Servite hockey team, as they are looking tougher, faster, and altogether more fluid than they have previously.

Servite started out the year with a major victory against Poway High School, winning 8-3. Some of our superstar players include Brendan Schulte, Luc Cross, Jimmy Duff,  Sam “The Gentleman Fighter” Fournier, Blake Hamar, and our elite and enigmatic Czech goaltender, Lukas Zdenek.

Servite started the game off by scoring three goals in the first period and maintaining a heavy lead that could not be overcome by Poway. Some highlights include goals by Austin Spain, an outstanding hat trick by Brendan Schulte, and a standout performance by goalkeeper Lukas Zdenek.

After the game we were able to get an interview with the tri-goal scorer himself, Brendan Schulte. When asked, “How does it feel to score a hat trick in your first game of the season?” he responded, “Great; exciting.” We love the enthusiasm, Schulte! We at The Spokesman also got a chance to speak with assistant coach Mr. Northgrave. We asked him how it felt to win his first game as an assistant coach and he said, “Great, boys looked really good. It felt really nice.”  

This season the Servite hockey team will play almost every Saturday at either Anaheim Ice or Lakewood Ice. The hockey team has expressed to us how much it means to them to have a large fan attendance so if you have yet to see a hockey game or just want to support Servite, be sure to at least visit the team while they are at home.

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