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Morning Announcements: A Useful Part of the School Day

Connor Dunham, Assistant Editor

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Morning announcements are a central part of any school. They help to keep the student body connected by praying and pledging together while also keeping up to date on upcoming activities and events. Though there are some that ignore morning announcements once prayer and pledge finish, ignoring reminders from students about activities and meeting that are coming up.

Mr. Marrujo ‘07 is in favor of listening to announcements, saying, “for the students and teachers that pay attention, they are useful.” These reminders keep the student body up to date on important meetings or fun things that have been planned by student leaders. When these announcements are ignored, people miss out on great opportunities to have fun and grow closer to God, develop one’s own leadership skills, and interact with other students, possibly forming new friendships. Students may also discover a new passion just by being curious about an upcoming event, a real “you never know until you try” moment.

Though the loss of the student body’s attention can stem from the announcements droning on. There are times when the announcements are quite dull and seem to bore and never end. It’s always fun when the students conducting announcements change things up and come up with creative ways to promote their events. Some great examples are the Evan and Ryan Marusin ’17, always interesting and goofy. Also, Chandler Rhodes’s (’17) updates and announcements receive quite a bit of commentary from the other announcers.

There are times that announcements can tend to be more focused on goofing around and therefore take away from the point of being on the intercom in the first place: to give notice to an event. And when this happens, morning announcements lose their importance and take away from the communication of upcoming events.

Paying attention to the morning announcements can also benefit the students. It’s a great opportunity to win priory points, boost school spirit and event attendance, and notify people of important Trinity Corps events. 

All in all, morning announcements are great ways for the student body to stay connected and up to date while also enjoying some easy going comedy, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand or off message.

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Morning Announcements: A Useful Part of the School Day