Angelo Gonzalez: Prior General 2019-20

Marina Burge

Jonathon Caico, Staff Writer

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As of April 3rd, Angelo Gonzalez was voted as the Prior General for the 2019-2020 school year! What are his intentions and goals for the coming year? What does he want to do for Servite and for his legacy as a friar? I have the pleasure of knowing him personally as a friend and a former teammate. I was able to interview him to answer some of these questions.

So far I have discovered from Mr. Gonzalez that he grew up as the  youngest of 3 brothers, resulting in his belief that he possesses a “good understanding of what brotherhood truly is.” He promises that “whether it be for support, advice, or just someone to talk to,” he will always be available to his brothers of Servite. Angelo hopes that his brothers will feel comfortable to speak to him whenever they need to.

At the start of Angelo’s Servite career, he had not thought of running for Prior General. But after his experience as an Assistant Prior for the Phillip Sophomores, “I got a taste of what the Priory Leadership Program was all about… I saw that running for Prior General gave me the opportunity to continue serving others but on a bigger and more impactful scale.” He believes that an effective leader must possess “love, discipline, and an open mind.” He has expressed love through the little things, like taking out the trash for his neighbors or helping his mother around the house. “I have always helped those who have needed it.” And in regards to discipline, being a wrestler once myself, he indeed has that. “Discipline is a key component to being successful, and I believe that wrestling has taught me that.” Not only has he been able to rule the wrestling mat, but he has also been able to rule the classroom with a GPA of a 4.8.  

Angelo’s goal for the coming year as Prior General is “to make Priory a period that students look forward to.” He hopes to achieve this through lesson plans that are “more engaging and relevant” as well as utilizing more team bonding activities “outside the classroom.” Another one of Angelo’s goals is to give the campus a more “alive” feel, “whether it be through jazz band playing or activities such as Gaga ball being brought back.”

When I asked Angelo what he wants his Servite legacy to be, he responded with, “I want my legacy at Servite to be one of selflessness, and I hope my actions reflect this quality. I hope that my time as Priory General creates unity at Servite, and brings joy to the student body through the lesson plans and activities. Last but not least, I hope to leave behind a sense of brotherhood and love in each and every one of the students I serve as Prior General.”

It appears very clear to me that Gonzalez’s intentions are good ones. I believe he certainly qualifies as far as his experience with leadership. And I certainly agree with what he believes to be the requirements of a good leader. We all look forward to seeing the amazing things he has in store for us next year!


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