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This May, Tri-School Theatre will be performing the musical, Oklahoma! Oklahoma! is a musical written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers. The musical writing duo also produced shows such as The Sound Of Music and The King And I. Be prepared for a night full of Yeoh-tastic times and great music. This production of Oklahoma! will be presented by students from Rosary, Servite, and Conelly such as Samuel George and Hayley Johnson. The show will also feature young, aspiring actors as youth ensemble. Tickets are on sale now for the show on May 2-5. (https://events.admitoneproducts.com/calendar.php?event_id=567919)

To create interest in the production, we did a small Q & A with some of our cast members:


Ryan: What has been your favorite part of this show?

Claire Early (Rosary ‘21, cast as Aunt Eller): The people are my favorite part of the show! Everyone is so committed to their roles, both on and off stage, and we’re all one big family.

Ryan: Why do you think people should come to see Oklahoma!?

Claire: People should come to see it because I need to sell tickets. Promo code EARLY.


Ryan: What is your favorite thing about your character?

Samuel George (Servite ‘21, cast as Curly): My favorite thing about Curly is his subtle but brave personality. He isn’t afraid to make hints that he likes Laurey. But when he does, they aren’t direct. It gives him a certain charm.

Ryan: Do you like your character? Why?

Sam: I do! Curly is the character everybody is “rooting” for throughout the show. Thus, the audience is following this character and hoping he gets what he wants all the way until the end of the show. Having that support of other characters helps make determined and bold choices on stage.


Ryan: Why do you like Oklahoma!?

Matthew Cristobal (Servite ‘19, cast as Will Parker): I like Oklahoma because allows me to release the inner cowboy that has instilled in me as a child.  

Ryan: Who is your favorite character besides yours?

Matthew: My favorite character in the show is Ali Hakim because he adds a great contrast to other characters in the rest of the cast.


If any of the responses to our questions piqued your interest, come see Oklahoma! Many Tri-School students have poured hours of work into producing the musical and we would love to fill up those theater seats! You can buy tickets for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday showings at https://events.admitoneproducts.com/calendar.php?event_id=567919. Be sure to use the last name of your favorite cast member as the ticket promo code!

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