Tri-School: What’s in Store This Year?

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Tri-School: What’s in Store This Year?

Marina Burge

Marina Burge

Marina Burge

Ryan Bass and Nate Luna

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“Tri-School Theatre is an educational theatre ministry that uses the performing arts as a way for students to discover themselves and to nurture their God-given talents through process-oriented training in a Christ-centered environment.” -Tri-School Theatre (

As students return to school, they ask themselves, “What’s in store for this year?”

With new President Randall Adams, Servite has a great year ahead. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Tri-School Theatre also has spectacular events planned. You can expect two Tri-School Productions, a hilarious ComedySportz League, and a lot of International Thespian Society meetings.

In the fall, actors and techs will have fun performing Looking Back/Moving Forward in celebration of Tri-School’s 30th anniversary. The show is a compilation of all types of music; a music review of Tri-Schools past shows and many shows to come. Beginning the show, the actors will perform songs that have been done throughout its 30 years. In the second act, songs will be performed from shows yet to come or shows that will never be done at Tri-School. The dates for the performances are November 15-18. Towards the end of the year, Tri-School will be performing Oklahoma. The dates for this show are May 2-5.

“C-C-C-COMEDYSPORTZ!”-ComedySportz members. ComedySportz is a competitive improv high school league. In ComedySportz, you go against other teams in improv games. The audience decides who wins. Comedy is made for all students and all are welcomed to join it. ComedySportz matches happen once a week. They occur every Friday at Connelly High School.

“Act well your part; There all the honor lies.”-Alexander Pope. This is the motto for the International Thespian Society. The International Thespian Society is an honor society where actors and technical actors alike can learn more about Theatre. Every year the Thespians around the state go to a competition called California State Thespians’ Festival. Actors perform songs, monologues, and scenes and are judged. These actors are able to get awards in the section they participated in. Techs also compete with lights, sound, knot tying, and much more. They can also win awards.

If you have any questions about Thespians or how to join email Erik Mercado, President of Troope 4566, at [email protected] or Mr. Marrone at [email protected]

To acquire more details about Tri-School’s 30th anniversary, we interviewed the executive team of Tri-School Theatre and asked them what they thought of all the things planned for this year:


Ryan: What can we expect for the Fall Production and how will it celebrate 30 years of TriSchool?

Mr. Maronne (Artistic Director): We are thrilled for our audiences to expect performances from some of Broadway’s greatest classic musicals like Guys and Dolls, King and I, and West Side Story, as well as tunes from some newer musicals like Hairspray, Chicago, and Shrek. We are celebrating Tri-School Theater by putting the program in the center of the show. Videos of former and current Tri-School students and faculty talking about what the program meant to them, as well as stories from the history of Tri-School will move the show along.

Ryan: What are you most looking forward to this year in Tri-school?

Mr. Maronne: This year I’m most looking forward to introducing the students and families in our community to some of the greatest material from Broadway that they might not have been exposed to yet. Shows like Oklahoma!, Hello Dolly!, and She Loves Me, hold a permanent and important place in history as well as the Broadway Cannon  and I know, directors, educators, and other aficionados find joy and necessity in sharing that material with new audiences in an effort to entertain as well as keep it alive!


Ryan and Nate: What new events should we be excited about this upcoming year?

Patty Buehler (Tri-School Conservatory Mgr.): We’re going to be celebrating the 30th anniversary. And we’ve got a fabulous show planned!

Jill Crawley (Tri-School Admin. Asst.): ComedySportz is starting soon and there is a new ComedySportz coach.


Nate: Since the Fall Production encompasses many different musicals, how will you accomplish creating and including the set and props for all of the musicals?

Isaac Gleason (Tri-School Tech Director): For the most part, it will be a unit set and generic props, but very specific pieces. And we will be discussing adding graphics, like a photo from the original show.

Scott Kahler (Asst. Director of Facilities): The fall show is a musical review and there will be several songs/shows represented and sung. It would be impossible to create sets and props for the all of them so fortunately when we met with the director he wanted to create a static set that had different levels. The different levels will accommodate the solo and small group numbers and will create a nice neutral setting for all the numbers.


Tri-School has an eventful and exciting year planned ahead, and you don’t want to miss out! It’s not too late to get involved with conservatory classes, ComedySportz, or the International Thespian Society. So, if you have any interest at all, please stop by the Trischool Office (located right next to the theatre entrance). Visit Tri-School Here!

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