The Servite Spokesman vs. The Royal Reporter

An in depth look at the journalism program of our sister school

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The Servite Spokesman vs. The Royal Reporter

Joseph Beaird, Communications Editor

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The Spokesman is an organized, student-run newspaper that often flies under the radar of many students. Our staff this year consists of three students and Mrs. Shirley. As ragtag as our staff may be, we create a newspaper allowing us to be as creative and active as possible, all while writing for the yearbook. The Spokesman may have experienced writers, but we can always learn more.

Rosary Academy has their own student newspaper: the Royal Reporter. Back in November, two members of their staff visited Servite to witness the life of a friar. Editor-in-Chief Molly Renze and Allie Mungaray turned their experience into an article, which inspired me to returned the favor. With finals coming up, it was difficult to try and schedule a campus visit, yet I still wanted to learn more about Rosary and their newspaper.

Since I was unable to visit, I questioned the staff about their class layout. Needless to say, I was surprised by their level of professionalism. The Royal Reporter has 3 editors, 2 teachers, and 21 student-writers, each producing new articles every other week. I was astounded by their efficiency, but Renze  claimed that the “…class is pretty chill.”

Putting my jealousy for their class size aside, I wanted to see what passions Spokesman and Royal Reporter students had for writing. Here at the Servite, our editors have their sights set on Journalism for a future career path. Brandon Tejeras, the Spokesman’s Outreach Editor, shared his dream job. “I hope to one day work for a newspaper or online magazine such as Vox, Buzzfeed, or GQ.” Shooting for the moon, Brandon is destined to fall amongst the stars.

Olivia Hennessy, News Editor for the Royal Reporter, mentioned her inspiration behind choosing Journalism. “I enjoy writing and always try to keep up with current events. My mom was a journalist, and that also inspired me a lot. I definitely want to write for my college newspaper.” Although she aspires to write in college, Hennessy doesn’t see Journalism as being a future job.

Features Editor Leia Betancourt described some of her favorite opportunities for writing. “My favorite article I’ve written would have to be ‘NO-vember? More like YES-vember’ because it was a fun article to do, since I love November.” In this article written last year, Betancourt challenges the popular stigma that November is nothing more than the month that has Thanksgiving and the placeholder for Christmas.

Eamon Morris, the Managing Editor of the Spokesman, claims that his favorite article has to be about none other than Servite’s own Brainiac.”My favorite article that I’ve written was probably a profile of Patrick Aimone. I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know Patrick on a deeper level, and it was great to show all of his facets.”  

Our journalism teacher shared their passion for the class as well. Mrs. Shirley explained her love for the students. “They are intrinsically motivated by the desire to write great articles or design the yearbook. Our group is consistently motivated by a desire to create for the love of the project itself.” She’s definitely right. Thinking about the newspaper constantly inspires me to come to school in the morning.


Mrs. Barclay of the Royal Reporter explained what makes Journalism so great. “I like the idea that there’s always something new to write about or a different angle to take on a story. It’s very different from a typical essay. It’s great fun for them to get interviews with classmates and teachers.” At the heart of Journalism, there is communication which builds the opportunity to grow new friendships.

After seeing the aspirations of these various writers, I felt a bit inspired. I wished that everyone could enjoy writing or at least see how writing could be fun. Although we still produce articles and have an active newspaper, I still wonder what our potential would be with a larger staff. So I asked for advice.

Molly Renze believes she knows the reason behind a lack of sign-ups. “Students feel that if they have opportunities to take electives, they’d much rather take a rigorous course for AP credit rather than express their creative side.” It is quite easy to understand students desire to get the best GPA possible, but there are other motivations that should inspire students to consider Journalism.

Senior Amelia Kennedy poses with the article board.

The Royal Reporter says that we should focus on easy, free gimmicks that no student can refuse. “Offer food. There are a lot of opportunities to get your other work done while being in the class. And of course, advertise more!” Because the Journalism is focused on deadlines, there is a lot of freedom in how many articles you can write; anyone can write, and report the news. Be on the lookout for more announcements and giveaways.

We appreciated the opportunity to interview the Royal Reporter and to receive insight on how to grow our newspaper. We look forward to seeing the future of both newspapers.

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