Making Music

Inspiring students through song

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Making Music

Joseph Beaird, Communications Editor

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When trying to describe what makes Servite unique, anyone will quickly point to our strong brotherhood throughout the entire community. Sports, Clubs, Priory, all promote what Servite stands for. But Servite’s Choir program portrays brotherhood in its purest form.

During her fourth year as the head of the Choir program, Mrs. Renee Cahill has experienced the greatness of Servite through leading her students. She described her goals and the growth of the Choir. “The choir has grown from 80 men in 2014 to over 120 men this year. My main goal is to give each student a performance experience that they will never forget.” Many kids are afraid of embarrassing themselves while singing, but Cahill allows students to express themselves and make it fun.

An average day of class is full of prayer, excellence in singing, and brotherly love. Emilio Ashley ‘18 mentioned what activities are involved while also highlighting Cahill’s excellence. “The students learn how to perform the songs with spirit, passion, and humor.  Towards the end of class, Mrs. Cahill will call students up individually to make sure they are singing the right notes or have them practice their solos.” Because of her individual attention and ability to motivate, Servite’s Choir consistently performs with poise and skill.

Other daily experiences in class, Choir presents many rare opportunities. Our Choir program puts on two concerts a year; a Christmas and spring concert. They often perform at funerals and many exclusive events, which demonstrates the great versatility of the program. David Beaird ‘17, a former member of Select Choir, spoke about his favorite memory. “Travelling to New York with a group of Servite men was an experience by itself. However, singing in the beautiful Carnegie Hall will be something I never forget.” Singing in the 300 building may already be a great gift but there are even more to offer once in a lifetime experience to have by being a part of Choir.

Students often sign up for choir just to fill the art elective but usually find it to be the best class they’ve ever taken. Much of their enjoyment comes from Mrs. Cahill and her passion for what she teaches. Daniel Velasquez ‘19 proclaimed his motivations for taking Choir. “I have always loved to sing and I wanted to show my gift to other people. The reason why I stay in choir is because it is what lets me be free. Whenever something bad happens, choir is always there to let everything out.” Whether students are seasoned veterans of performance or fledgling newbies, there is a loving home for anyone in our Choir program.

The Servite Choir offers escape to students while offering an opportunity to grow academically and spiritually. Students are often sad to leave Servite largely due to their involvement in Choir and the experiences they had there. Brotherhood is exemplified in many ways at Servite, and the Servite Choir is one of the greatest examples.


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