Priory: What’s New

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Priory: What’s New

Joseph Beaird, Communications Editor

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No other school has a program like Priory. Over the years, there have been many changes to the process. This year, the program has been turned completely on its head. Although the program operates differently now, it still is a student-led leadership program at its heart.


Assistant Priors, or AP’s, have always been the heart of the program. This year stresses that principle even more due to the new layout. In years prior, there were freshman homerooms, and homerooms mixed with students from all other class levels.


However now, homerooms are organized strictly by grade level. Prior General Wyatt Bui ‘18 spoke about why they have decided to change operations. “We wanted to make the lesson plans more efficient and more meaningful to the student; to create a sense of brotherhood in the homeroom, while still teaching the students valuable life lessons.”


Each grade has their lesson plans built around a novel pertaining to skills valuable to their age. This change prevents repeating similar lesson plans over the course of the Servite experience. More importantly, each year steadily prepares you for the future.


Freshman homerooms continue to build upon the formation program and encourage involvement in campus clubs and activities. Sophomores learn about who they are and how they can lead others. Juniors focus on various leadership skills, such as the difference between power and authority. And finally, seniors are prepared for their adult life by practicing interviewing skills and working on their resume.


This year in Priory has had unique lesson plans; activities such as the freshman Quiz Bowl or the upperclassmen Regatta build and boat race will set the 2017-2018 school year apart from years prior. Bui spoke about an activity that stood out to him. “We had a  9/11 assembly for the sophomores had in the theater. During this assembly, guest speakers spoke about the attacks on September 11th and the impact they had on our nation.”


Priory changes this year attempt to set the tone for the future. With a balance of fun activities and leadership skills, the program seeks to create a strong relationship with the entire study body. More than anything, Priory seeks to promote strong bonds with the brothers in your homeroom throughout the four years.

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