The Enduring Magic of Disneyland

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The Enduring Magic of Disneyland

The iconic image of Cinderella's castle evokes Disneyland's universal pull.

The iconic image of Cinderella's castle evokes Disneyland's universal pull.

The iconic image of Cinderella's castle evokes Disneyland's universal pull.

The iconic image of Cinderella's castle evokes Disneyland's universal pull.

Michael Betwarda, Staff Writer

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This story was originally composed in May 2017 as the writer’s final project of the academic year.  

As you walk through the gates, you already begin to explore the magical feel of Disneyland. The smell of churros and desserts fill the air as you walk down Main Street, USA.

Turning left or right, there is an abundant number of design techniques that keep you in awe. Children are walking but not paying attention to the path because of the hidden Mickeys on the buildings.

Once you grasp the beauty of Disneyland, you look up and there stands the most significant part of your experience at Disneyland: Cinderella’s Castle. From its shiny walls to the magnificent and vibrant colors, it is a sight to behold. Many people are always taking pictures, growing more and more amazed as they walk closer to the castle.  

After examining the atmosphere of Disneyland, you begin to see all of the fantastic attractions that they have to offer. From Mickey’s Toon town to Tomorrowland, Disneyland offers great attractions for families. Disneyland is a place where people of all ages gather together and have a magical time. Over the last 60 years, Disneyland has worked tirelessly to create an environment where design, hospitality, and courtesy are their top priority.

According to Joseph Goriel, a previous cast member who worked for Walt Disney ABC Corporation, these three elements – hospitality, detail, and design – are exactly what make Disneyland unique. He believes you are immersed in the wonders of Disney once you walk in through the gates.

Many park-goers are amazed at the theme and design features throughout the park. Every ride attraction features many details that help the rider understand the story Disney is portraying on the ride.

All of these features would not have been possible if it was not for the man himself,  Walt Disney. He came up with the idea to open a park when he watched his daughter on the merry go round in Los Angeles’s Griffith Park. He wanted to create a fun park for everyone to enjoy.

Walt Disney had a few specifics in building his parks. All parks needed a Railroad Station, Town Hall, restaurants, opera house, movie theater, magic shop, carnival section. It was Disney’s dream to create a fun park for people of all ages.

The cost to build Disneyland was about $17 million, which in today’s modern era would equal to $151 million.

Walt Disney did a great job achieving his goal in the park. Since then Disney has grown to have eight parks around the world with locations in Florida, Japan, France, Hong Kong, China, California, and Hawaii.

According to Goriel, Walt Disney’s mission was to be successful, but he refers to him as a risk taker. He believes this because Walt did not know what was going to happen when he built Disneyland, but it turned out to be a positive outcome. Mr. Goriel that Walt wanted an environment for anyone around the world to come together in one place where they feel protected.

Walt created a great park that is the most popular theme park nationwide. With Hospitality, design, and courtesy their top priorities in running a successful park. Disneyland has a planted a big seed in society.

Disneyland made a significant impact on society. It has created an atmosphere where families and friends come together to have a great time. With two great parks, Disneyland and California Adventure, it is a place where fun is at every corner and every block.

“Anything is possible,” Goriel says. This is the attitude Walt Disney epitomized. He stuck to his passion and did not stop until he won. His dream came true, a dream that changed the lives of so many by creating a great place to come together.

A regular park goer, Gisel Malek said that the Disney brand itself has successfully marketed its company to a place where families come together and enjoy each other. It creates an environment of excitement and memorable family time.

The brand is almost everywhere. Over the years Disney has been amazing at marketing its brand to people of all ages. Malek reminisces about watching all kinds of Disney and Pixar movies, including Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid. She says Disney speaks to both adults and children where family time is spent around watching these great movies. Whenever Disney is the source of entertainment, it means family time is happening and happy moments are being created.

It is safe to say that Disneyland is a place for adults and children where memories are made every second. Goriel remembers going to Disneyland a lot with his parents and making unforgettable memories when he was younger. He now takes his cousins so he can make new memories and add to history.

So is Disneyland a place you just visit once or keep going back to? Disneyland never gets old; at every attraction you feel engaged. Malek said that you are living the story in real life in each attraction in both parks.

Goriel and Malek both agree that Disneyland creates history every time you go, and every time you have a more memorable experience. “Do you ever stop doing what you love?” asked Malek?  The answer is no. If you really love Disneyland and enjoy every aspect every time you go you never stop going to a place that you love. It is a place where you can put your worries and stress aside and have some fun. With the parades and shows every hour, you can never run out of things to do. That is exactly what Walt Disney wanted to create when he was sitting at Griffith Park and watching his daughter on the merry go round. He achieved his mission to create a memorable park.

Disneyland is indeed the happiest place on earth and is a place where adults and children come together and enjoy every second of every day at Disneyland. Disneyland has created history over the last sixty years, and it continues to make history and make the lives of many better and better. Walt Disney made Disney a fun company for people of all ages to enjoy and make memories.

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