Casey Neistat: The End of an Era

Joseph Beaird, Editor-in-Chief

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YouTube is a website that has had a significant impact on the internet as a whole. Besides cat videos and funny memes, the site can be a platform for creative and interesting content. One of Youtube’s most famous creators, Casey Neistat, has decided to make a drastic change to his channel.

   Casey Neistat has built his channel of nearly 6 million subscribers on the basis of his most popular series: daily vlogging. Although the internet has mixed feelings on people who video log their daily lives, there is no denying that Neistat’s success grew because of vlogging. Despite this, Neistat announced on November 19th that he’s ending the vlog.

   Most people believe he is crazy for dropping what made him successful, yet his reasoning is nothing but admirable. Neistat cited a loss of creative fire for his decision.

   Few creators on YouTube have as much passion and drive as Casey Neistat. You never see Neistat lying around doing nothing; he finds a way to be active and to challenge himself each day. The fact that someone could risk everything and drop what gave way to their success is astounding. But how did his vlogs make him successful in the first place?

   Daily vlogging is considered a cheap and effortless way to make content on YouTube by many. Yet Neistat brought something unique to that form of content. With a mentality of “how can make this better?” or “how can this be different,” Neistat had truly made a place for himself on the Internet.

   He found a way to constantly make his daily life interesting. Each video served a different purpose and contained a different message. Neistat created a new era of vlogging. Justin Bocanegra ‘18 comments on why he was successful. “He was born in the right era. Daily vlogging was a fresh and new when he first started. He made his own style.”

   From this point, his fan base is left wondering: what now? Many are worried that his channel could die out and that he could fail in business. But Neistat has more experience other than just YouTube. Far before his series of vlogs, Neistat had an extremely successful HBO series.

   His previous experience in filmmaking is not the only thing that will assure his success. Recently, his social media app Beme was bought by CNN for 27 million dollars, in order to create a new media project with the technology of the app.

   Neistat is not famous for just filmmaking. Matthew Beaird ‘15 talks about how he discovered Neistat. “I first heard about Casey Neistat’s story on the School of Greatness podcast. His story showed he took an unconventional path to greatness, but his creativity sets him apart and has helped him create some inspiring projects.”

   Because of his passion and drive, Neistat is sure to flourish in whatever route of career he takes. His new ideas on how he will work with CNN and also his promise to continue posting on his YouTube channel give him two opportunities to triumph.

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