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Necessity of Our Brother

Connor Price, Staff Writer

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Servite has been known to rally together for the support of our fellow students and staff during times of need. And, perhaps no other time this year has our Brotherhood been so fully exemplified than by our support for Michael Kincade ’18.

Earlier this year, Kincade was hospitalized for leukemia just shortly after starting his junior year. Unfortunately, the time he would have to spend in and out of the hospital required him to take a break from school. However, with the combined efforts of the thoughts and prayers from our Servite family combined with the efforts from the experts at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Kincade is doing very well.

Blake Misquez ’18, a friend of Kincade’s, says, “Mike is in good spirits; he has a strong heart. He has gone through leukemia before and knows how to cope with the hardship.” Kincade, who is known for his optimistic and fun-loving attitude in all of his classes, has left a void in the junior class during his leave of absence.

However, despite all that Kincade is facing, he has the support of his family behind him – not only his immediate family, but over 800 of his Servite brothers. Mr. Brendan Ronan and Mr. Scott Kahler ’99, have worked to unify the school and raise awareness for Kincade’s cause, handing out orange bracelets, embroidered with the text “Love the fight”, in honor of those diagnosed with leukemia.

Much to Kincade’s delight, the eight seniors who comprise the football Curia visited him and took him out to dinner. In addition, many students and teachers alike have dropped by the hospital to show their support for Kincade and his family during this trying time.

“I am grateful for the way the student body is rallying around him,” Ronan said. “Now we need to keep him visited and up to date with everything on campus so he continues to feel connected.”

Luckily for Kincade and the Servite community, our fellow brother is due to resume his junior year in the fall of 2017. And as we anticipate his return, we remember that he is in all our thoughts and prayers for the speediest recovery. The definition of strength, Kincade is yet another precious example of what it means to be a Friar in our community.

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2 Responses to “Necessity of Our Brother”

  1. David Floyd on October 17th, 2016 5:52 pm

    Hi Michael you are one awesome young man. I have known you for a long time at St. Bonaventure .

    You are an jnspiration to me and a lot of other people.

    Not only are you a fighter but you will win this fight as well.

    God Bless

    Mr. Dave


  2. Lillian Moffettr on October 18th, 2016 5:46 am

    Sending big kisses your way . And hope for a recovery soon. We are thinking of you often xxxxxxxx


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Necessity of Our Brother