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Homecoming and the Art of Dance Proposals

Davis Rembert, Staff Writer

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What is a homecoming proposal? It is a sign or something unique that is done by a male when asking a female to homecoming. There has been a rise in recent years in the amount of homecoming proposals, and each year they seem to get more and more creative.

The first acknowledgement of homecoming proposals rise was written in a newspaper article in 2001. There were kids who went on the loudspeaker at their school and they would publicly ask someone to homecoming. The article was published in the Dallas Morning News and it caught the attention of many teenagers who were looking for more creative ways to ask their dates to dances.

Homecoming proposals went mainstream in the beginning of 2002, making homecoming and other formal dances more interesting. This new homecoming proposal idea started to spread across the country and it caught on fast. It is getting harder and harder to think of new creative ways of asking a girl because there are so proposals each year.

There are also various ways of asking a potential date and many people have gone to extremes to ask their date. Spending 3 hours creating a sign that makes a pun is nothing in comparison to the dare of some dance-goers. For example, there was a high school student who wrote homecoming in a cornfield and took his date up in an airplane and asked her! If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know how much crazier it can get.

Homecoming proposals have become very popular on social media and there have been numerous proposals that have gone viral. By posting on social media, people can receive attention that they may want, share their homecoming proposals, and sometimes just to show that they have been asked. The reason that homecoming proposals are as popular as they are now is because of the explosion of them on social media.

However, it doesn’t stop at just homecoming proposals. It has expanded to Winter Formal and Prom as well. So there are three times during the school year where you can display your creativity and create an amazing homecoming proposal. With more opportunities to dance, there are more opportunities to create new ways of asking someone to go along with you.

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Homecoming and the Art of Dance Proposals