Lent: What did you give up?

Trevor Treinen, Staff Writer

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Don’t you love having to give something up for Lent? Lent is defined as a solemn religious practice in the liturgical calendar year. The Lent season begins on Ash Wednesday, lasts six weeks and ends on Easter Sunday. The purpose of Lent is to prepare the soul for heaven through prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving, atonement, and self-denial. During Lent, Catholics must abstain from meat on Fridays. Many elect to give up certain things that are normally common in their lives as a form of penitence. Here’s how some people at Servite accepted the challenge of giving up things that they hope will benefit their souls in the long run.

Liam Cronin is a star wrestler. Since Servite has recently won Trinity League CIF and is moving on to state and Nationals, he wanted to focus more single-mindedly on wrestling this spring. Liam decided to give up social media for Lent. “Giving up social media has worked out well. I can now focus on things that are truly important, like wrestling and school.” Liam is known as one of the top wrestlers in the county. All the extra attention paid to wrestling could lead to great things for the team.

Mr. Ronan, Servite’s Senior Class Formation Director, used Lent this year to sacrifice multiple things. “I gave up Netflix during dinner time, and I also gave up Facebook.”
All the extra time spent on social media and watching Netflix, he felt, took away from family time. Mr. Ronan feels that family is, by far, more important than Facebook. “I also gave up eating the chocolates that Mr. Katnic keeps in his office during the day,” Mr. Ronan said.
(The reasoning behind this is unclear. Did he give it up because he realized he was being a thief stealing chocolates, or because he felt that he didn’t need chocolate in his life?)

Aside from sacrifices, Mr. Ronan also added some things that he felt were beneficial to his spiritual life. He added spending 10 minutes each day in the Servite chapel and has been reflecting on the stations of the cross. “I am so busy with the jobs of formation, teaching, and being interim dean, plus attending grad school, that I didn’t want to lose my main focus for being at Servite, which is to serve Christ. “I feel myself being pulled in 100 directions every day when the one direction I need to be going in is the direction of Christ,” he said.

Servite basketball Coach John Morris gave up sleeping on the couch. Basketball players who have had the honor of playing for Coach Morris know that “sleeping on the couch” means he was up studying another team and didn’t want to wake his wife when going back to bed. “I’m lucky to have the wife that I do. Now that the season is over, I need to spend more time with her. I need to ditch my couch for a while,” Morris says.

One of the most common items students sacrificed for Lent this year appears to be food. “I gave up In n’ Out for Lent because I eat it way too much and it affects my body…and I like my body,” said senior Evan Burge.

“ I really just gave up meat on Fridays, to be honest. Other than that I still do everything I would normally do,” said sophomore Jacob Lord.

No matter what was decided upon to sacrifice or to start doing for Lent, the goal is to better one’s life and soul. Americans take a lot for granted. In the end, giving up something during Lent 2015 may bring enlightenment for many Servite community members – students and staff alike.

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