Smashing New Club

Servite students start a brand new club that allows students to relive their childhood.

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Smashing New Club

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“The new Servite Smash Bros Club fosters the making of friendships and memories while playing the aggressive, fierce game,” said Ryan Sie

This October, Ryan Sie, Class of 2017, founded the Servite Smash Bros Club at Servite. “Super Smash Bros has always been one of my favorite childhood games, and being able to bring people together to spend time with one another, get to know each other better, and express ourselves through the game is what inspired me to start the club. It’s amazing to think how a simple party game we all played in our childhood has led to many new friendships being formed and new memories being made, ” said Sie.

The Smash Brothers game was first published in 1999 in Japan. This world-renown game is a big part of many kids childhoods. The game consists of a series of crossover fighting games released by Nintendo. All of the games primarily feature characters from franchises established the different Nintendo systems.

The club has been meeting weekly on Fridays or Mondays after school to spend time together by playing games. Once a month, they play in a competitive tournament.

One of these tournaments was held on Halloween. The posted Bracket and Standings were a preview of what was to be called a “Super Smash Bros Brawl.” Subtle smack talk and overconfidence were apart of the hype leading up to the tournament.

Junior Ramon Cardenas seemed to be the favorite, having shown his skill at previous meetings. Other contenders included Juniors Bradley Warren and Nick Crosson. Ramon beat Nick Crosson and knocked him to the Losers’ Bracket.

Next, Ramon fought senior David Roura in the winner ‘s bracket semifinals. During the close set, David Roura edged out with a 2-1 lead, sending Ramon to the losers’ bracket. David proceeded to beat Bradley Warren 2-0 in the winners’ bracket finals. David’s formerly unnoticed Smash Bros’ skill was beginning to catch people’s attention. Ramon and Bradley discussed strategies, along with a couple other competitors, on how to beat David. Ramon fought hard through the Losers’ Bracket and had to play what seemed a salty runback vs. Crosson.In the semifinals match, Crosson had adapted to Ramon’s playing style and knocked him out after a close set, ending Ramon’s tournament.

In the semifinals match, Crosson had adapted to Ramon’s playing style and knocked him out after a close set, ending Ramon’s tournament.

This setup Crosson vs. Bradley in Losers’ Finals, with David waiting to play the winner in Grand Finals. Crosson wound up beating Bradley 2-0, which wasn’t expected, also knocking Bradley out of the tournament. This setup Crosson vs. David in the Grand Finals.

Everyone crowded around the TV to watch the Grand Finals’ Best-of-5 set. During three incredibly intense matches, David managed to outscore Crosson, 3-0, stunning everyone, and winning the tournament!!!!

Super Smash Bros was never meant to be played at a competitive level. It was a beautiful accident how it turned into such a creative game. Every match played is different than the previous. The light competition among peers during Super Smash Bros gaming tournaments is exciting. The games offer a source of entertainment for people who may not necessarily enjoy traditional sports. “I don’t know how many people found a community where they were able to express themselves where they couldn’t before.”

“The Smash Bros Club creates a dynamic community where everyone has a goal, but it also gives everyone a chance to be somebody,” stated Sie.

The club has affected many of the members in unique ways. Smash Brothers is “more than a game.” It has opened up opportunities to make new friends, meet new people, and relive the memories members had as kids in a new found, competitive, and fun way.

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