Sony Hacking Postpones “The Interview”

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Before Christmas, movie attendees started to see the previews for a potentially funny movie called “The Interview.” The movie was  about two journalists, played by James Franco and Seth Rogen, who interview people on television.. After getting an invitation to interview North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong Un, the CIA steps in and asks them to assassinate the dictator. Soon after the movie previews began showing in theaters, Sony, the creator of the movie, was hacked, and North Korea started making threats against America. The US Government thinks that North Korea is responsible for the hacking. North Korea is denying these accusations. However, because of these threats, Sony decided to pull the movie from theaters. It would appear that, for a brief period of time, America was afraid of threats that might lead to a war with Korea.

Sony has since said that they would release the movie on DVD, but then they wound up releasing it in some theaters despite the threats.

Throughout these events, “The Interview” movie was released on the internet and many illegal copies were made. According to TIME Magazine, “The Interview” is currently one of the most pirated movies in the world beating out Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”. According to recent news reports, Sony might have found a paper trail to those who hacked their systems. They believe that the trail might lead to North Korea.

Only time will tell if North Korea hacked Sony or if it was just some person with a wish to see “The Interview.”

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