Nick Capedvilla

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Nick Capedvilla

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During his first three years at Servite High School, he was a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. Today, Nick Capedvilla is the lead anchor for Servite TV. Thanks to his great sense of humor, he has become the most recognized person on campus.

Nick created a new segment on Servite TV called “That One Place On Campus.” This is where Nick goes around school to certain places that students have probably never noticed. Additionally, Capedvilla has appeared in the majority of Trinity Corp. commercials.

Servite students have responded favorably to ads that Nick has appeared in, like “Servite Lumberjack” which ran to promote a Christmas Tree fundraiser or the “Easter Egg” spots. During this episode, Nick just popped up in the middle of nowhere throughout the show. Suddenly Capedvilla is the most famous person on campus – all thanks to Servite TV.

The Spokesman sat down with Nick to invite him to talk about his new found popularity.

Q: How long have you worked for Servite TV?
A: I have been working with Servite TV for last 3 years.

Q: What was your job for the show before this year?
A: Before this year I had a variety of jobs in Servite TV including set up, editing, and filming.

Q: How did you come up with “That One Place on Campus?”
A: I really did not come up with the idea. Matthew Sie was looking for a reporter and I volunteered to do it. That’s how it all started. After we did the first episode, it all naturally progressed and the Communications Committee decided to continue with this segments.

Q: Why and how did you make this change from a behind-the-scenes guy to hosting Servite TV?
A: I actually appeared in a few episodes last year but what really made me stay was the positive feedback from my fellow students. When I do the Servite TV segments, I always try to use humor. Being in front of the cameras has also helped me to be less shy.

Q: What are your plans in college and the future? Will you continue reporting?
A: I’m planning to become a mechanical engineer. I might continue reporting when I am in college.

Q: Do you have any advice for Servite students?
A: My advice to any student is to be involved in Priory Leadership. It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, work as a team, and make new friends.

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