Proposed Course Offerings

Morgan Schavone, Content Editor

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Servite High School prides itself in its ability to prepare students for the challenges of college. But who prepares students for Servite? How exactly does one beg for a dollar? What is the best way to avoid a JUG? And how exactly should you manage parking your car on Wednesdays? All Servite Friars must know these valuable skills. Therefore, I propose the following course offerings in the future.

Hall Navigation 101: You may think that the bell is a simple indication of transition, but for many students, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The sound of the bell for many students is the embodiment of nightmares; the carnage of backpack abuse, fallen books and potential dress code checks are a constant danger. Learn valuable strategies for safe and efficient hallway navigation in this course.

Wednesday Car-Parking in the Modern World: The city of Anaheim is greatly concerned with the conditions of their streets to the point of hiring a street sweeper to come every Wednesday and clean the neighborhood around Servite. As a student, you may drive a brand new car that your parents bought you or a car that your parents lent to you. In this course, you will learn the much-needed skills necessary to navigate the Servite parking lot on these Wednesdays. Dont be the one who has to maneuver the parking lot, coming within inches of other cars with your new Ford Tacoma. It’s not worth the risk.

JUG Avoidance and Survival Skills: The key to avoiding jugs is creativity. If you are sitting in first period and you realize that you don’t have a belt on, don’t give up hope. Look around, scrounge for materials to make a belt if necessary.

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