The Life of a Friar

Moving to a new school can be tough, but moving to a new state can be tougher.

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The Life of a Friar

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The worst fear of any child is to move away from home, but moving to a whole new state and starting a brand new life is even scarier. Matthew Beaird is a senior at Servite High School but was born in Portland, Oregon. In 2011, his dad, Steve Beaird, got a job at Servite as the VP of Advancement which forced Matt and the rest of his family to move out to California.

This transition was tough for Matt. “I never wanted to move, and I never expected to go to an all-boys school, so it took me a while to get used to Servite,” said Matt. The move forced Matt to start all over again. Once he moved to California, he had to attend Freshman Formation. Matt enjoyed Formation. He was impressed with the team-building activities and, most of all, enjoyed the talks of the legendary Coach Larry Toner. His talks about leadership encouraged Matt to join the Priory system later on in his Servite career.

Once Freshman Formation ended, it was time for the school year to begin. Matt’s Freshman year was tough. He felt pretty closed off and missed his home in Oregon. “It is hard making new friends when you are from a different state,” Matt said. He was able to battle through with excellent grades.

Even though the classes were hard, during his sophomore year, the school started to grow on him. He got more involved with priory and baseball and visited New Jersey for Model United Nations. This year was a turning point for Matt. He started to enjoy California as well as Servite, especially the strong bond of brotherhood that helped him to meet his current best friends.

“My most fun year at Servite was my junior year.” This was the year where Matt started to feel like a high schooler. He meet his friends, started to hang out, and have more fun. He was able to do all of this while maintaining his phenomenal grades – straight As.

His Senior year has been his best year so far. This year revealed to Matt what Servite has done for him. He developed from a child who had to move to California to a man of Servite. “I have no regrets.”

One of the biggest things that Matt has been a part of has been Baseball. Matt used to regret moving to California, but Southern California is said to have the strongest baseball competition in the nation. The move gave Matt the opportunity to play with the best at his level. His high school career started off great. He played on the freshman team and had a great season, but he did not play in his sophomore or junior year due to a hurt shoulder. Since then he has fully recovered and is one of the guys that coach Page can trust coming out of the bullpen on the varsity squad. He will be looking to be a walk-on at the college level.

Besides baseball, Matt also got involved in Priory. He started at the bottom (campus ministry) and is currently serving as Alexis Prior. “Priory really helped me to challenge myself and build leadership skills. I grew a lot starting in campus ministry and finishing as a prior. It’s opened doors to become a better speaker and leader. I made a lot of friends along the way,” Matt said.

Matt is considering to attend Gonzaga University or the University of San Diego. Servite had prepared Matt for college exceptionally well. “Servite has prepared me for college by teaching me how to balance a busy schedule with tough classes, playing a sport, and being involved in leadership/other activities. I’m well organized, have good time management skills, and have the determination to deal with adversity.”

Matthew Beaird is and always will be the epitome of FRIAR.


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