Apple Unveils New MacBook

Is Apple's new creation really the "latest and greatest?"

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Apple Unveils New MacBook

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Apple recently came out with a new model of the MacBook. This is the thinnest laptop that Apple has ever offered, including the MacBook Air. Since this is the thinnest, will that mean the next Air will be even thinner? The new MacBook resembles the current model of the MacBook Air. With the resemblance of this, buyers may be confused by which to choose.

Personally, I predict that the MacBook Air will go away, at least for a while since it doesn’t offer anything new. The Air would basically be the same computer with a different name and color. For a while now, Apple stopped selling the MacBook base model. The only products available were the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. But is the regular MacBook going to make an impact on buyers?

The new MacBook offers three colors: gold, space grey, and silver. Like the new iPhones, the MacBooks are coming in a variety of colors. This leaves fans and buyers with more selection and personal preferences. I predict that the gold color will be the most popular since an Apple computer has never before been offered with that look.

Apple took some time to redesign the keyboard and trackpad. Both have been changed to get the most out of the space provided. The keyboard is a full 12 inches, which is much larger than the MacBook Air’s. The MacBook Air’s keyboard does not extend from end to end whereas the MacBook’s does. The keys have been redesigned to a new butterfly-style mechanism that Apple says will lead to easier pressure on the keys.

Apple states that you can press on any part of the key and have it type. This differs from most keypads where you must strike the key in the center in order for it to work. These new features will be beneficial to some and unchanging to others. For people who were annoyed by the size of the MacBook Air’s keypad, this will be a breath a fresh air. Sophomore Luke Rooney says, “I think its good that apple is including USB-C because others will catch on later. Still, it’s a little too expensive.”

On the negative side, Apple has pulled their infamous move once again by changing the computer charger slot. We’ve seen this in both MacBooks as well as iPhones. Apple is constantly attempting to achieve a higher quality and more efficient power source at the cost of the user’s money and patience.

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