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Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to check out our online website.  This has been a very strenuous and tedious process that we have been working on for almost five months. We at The Spokesman really appreciate your understanding and patience with this project. Since you waited so long for your student newspaper, I feel that I owe you an explanation of why it is coming out so late, so here is a timeline of the last five months:

July 28-30: Our staff attended Fullerton College’s Journalism Boot Camp. This was the first official meeting of our staff, and along with other schools, we participated in various lessons about journalism etiquette, writing, photography, and relevance. At the conference, we decided that our main goal for the year would be to have an online newspaper.

August 17th: First day of school, we set the goal of launching a website by the end of October.

Early September: We met with Mr. Roth, the Technology Advisor, and Ms. Esperias, the Communications Director, about the logo for our newspaper and the best template possible for our website. Mr. Roth recommended that because we were trying to transform Servite into a ‘Google school’, we should create a website from Google sites.

Mid September: After creating the Google site, we began to run into problems with it. Google is not designed to run a professional newspaper, and it showed. The site was very difficult to edit and hard to maneuver.

October 6: After working with the site extensively to no avail, we met again with Mr. Roth to discuss the Google site and tell him our difficulties with it. We then discussed converting to a professional journalism site.

November 2: We launched our Google site after spending the month of October writing articles. We also met with administration to get permission to purchase a website from WordPress. After first meeting with Mr. Katnic, we then met with both Mr. Katnic and Mr. Brennan, and we were given permission to purchase a site.

November 15: We purchased this website from WordPress. After the purchase, we were recommended by Mr. Katnic to create  a Code of Journalism Ethics, which we made and signed. Since that date, we have had two turn in days for articles and decided to have the website up before we left for Christmas break.

As you could probably understand, all of this would probably take a lot of persistence and man power. We are very under-staffed this year, with only five members. Last year, the class had 15 students. I would like to thank our staff of Zach Nellesen, Matt Weller, Jack Vogt, and Cole Marcoux, for all of their hard word and perseverance throughout these hard months. Most especially, however, I would like to thank our Journalism Adviser, Mr. Walswick, for his dedication to this project. Mr. Walswick teaches during every period, and has a family home as well, yet continues to work tirelessly for the better of this newspaper.

Thank you for your continuous support of The Spokesman!


Peter Fiorentino



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Letter from the Editor